Mission and Purpose


  • Encourage participation in all aspects of gymnastics in Michigan.
  • Support the athletes and gymnastics clubs in the state and assist in their pursuit of competitive excellence.
  • Generate public awareness of the sport of gymnastics in the State of Michigan.
  • Commit to servicing the professional membership in the State of Michigan.


The purpose of the Michigan USA Gymnastics State Administrative Committee (SAC) is to implement the USA Gymnastics National Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Program. This means to promote, serve and administer the official gymnastics program for girls and women of all levels of ability throughout the United States. This shall be accomplished by: Carrying out the purposes, standards and objectives of USA Gymnastics.

State Administrative Committee Responsibilities:

  1. Assist in organizing competitions for girls and women of all levels of ability at local and state level.
  2. Establish State Meet qualifying procedures.
  3. Propose State Meet dates that will be scheduled in conjunction with regional and national competition dates and judging availability.
  4. Refrain from any self-serving interests when considering a committee vote.
  5. Organize and provide technical, development and specific guidelines and rules and policies for MI USA Gymnastics.
  6. Provide a network of communication necessary for the implementation of the above objectives.
  7. Organize State Training Clinics for gymnasts, coaches, club owners, and judges.
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